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Important Information

Breast milk is best for babies. Having a nutritious and healthy diet is essential when breast-feeding.

A mother should consult her doctor or healthcare professional before using infant formula. It can be costly and have social consequences. Complete or partial bottle-feeding can reduce breast milk supply and make it difficult to recommence breast-feeding.

Infant formula must be used as directed. Incorrect feeding or preparation, or the wrong foods, can make the baby very ill.

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Welcome to Diamond

Diamond Formula, Queenstown, New Zealand

We live in one of the purest places on earth. Queenstown, New Zealand.

Diamond combines pure New Zealand dairy milk with world leading nutrition science. Our Taimana formulas have been scientifically developed specifically for Chinese children. Supplies are limited to ensure highest quality.

Go to the science page and compare Taimana with the leading brand sold in New Zealand.

These pure, fresh formulas are made entirely in New Zealand and are legally imported into China following stringent quality tests.

Our high security delivery system means Taimana cans cannot be tampered with and never leave our control until delivered to your home or selected high quality stores.

Taimana is Maori for diamond. When used as a child’s name it suggests multiple talents and versatility. Taimana is clever, creative and inspirational.